Cloud computing has gone from being scoffed at by CIOs to being one of the top two CIO concerns of 2010. TechRepublic and ZDNet recently did a Webcast in which ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan and I discussed the full range of issues that IT leaders face when considering if and how to implement cloud computing.

Some of specific topics included:

  • The different flavors of cloud computing
  • Security concerns
  • Compliance with the cloud
  • Cloud-washing
  • Private cloud vs. public cloud
  • Bringing legacy code to the cloud
  • How the cloud will affect IT jobs

The live Webcast was on May 25 and it was called CIO Essentials for Cloud Computing 3.0. It is now available on-demand (registration required).

I would describe this as a very frank and lively discussion, including some interaction with the live audience. If you’re grappling with cloud deployment, you’ll definitely want to listen to this one.