Cloud services provider Volterra has a new encryption tool to make file sharing via collaborative platforms more secure without using passwords or public-key cryptography.

VoltShare encrypts data and files locally to add an extra layer of security to collaboration and cloud storage platforms including Slack, Teams, and Dropbox.

The new service is available as downloadable software or an API and SDK. It works locally on a laptop or mobile device to encrypt data sent through email or collaboration platforms.
Here’s how it works:

  • Download the VoltShare application
  • Create an account
  • Add text and/or attach a file
  • Share the encrypted content via email or collaboration tool

A blindfolded key is sent through Volterra’s architecture and linked to the recipient’s email address. VoltShare reads the key and verifies the recipient’s identity.

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The basic version of the service is free and includes the ability to create a policy based on a recipient’s email address, such as read within 48 hours or block access to anyone other than the recipient. The paid version includes enterprise-level security, compliance audits, and governance – including logs of encrypt/decrypt activity and policy-based denials, audit logs, policy revocation or overrides, and single-sign-on.

Ankur Singla, CEO of Volterra, said that there was a gap in the market for end-to-end encryption for file sharing services and collaboration platforms.

“If you build your own app to share data, such as drug research, you can encrypt it when you send it and and even put a policy in place that the company receiving the file cannot scrape the data,” Singla said.

Enterprises also can integrate the encryption service into existing single sign-on platforms.

“If you encrypted the file, even if you emailed it by mistake to everyone else, it only can be opened by the two or three people you specified,” he said. “Enterprise users can also get an alert if someone is trying to decrypt the file and failing multiple times.”

Providing distributed cloud management

Volterra’s core business is a distributed cloud platform that helps companies deploy, connect, secure, and operate apps and data globally across multiple clouds and the edge. The platform includes distributed app management, cloud-native infrastructure, and secure connectivity.

Gartner named distributed cloud services as one of the top 10 tech trends for 2020. With this flavor of cloud service, the cloud provider is responsible for all aspects of cloud service architecture, delivery, operations, governance, and updates.

A distributed cloud approach allows data centers to be located anywhere, solving both technical issues like latency and regulatory challenges like data sovereignty.

Volterra’s platform manages application orchestration across multiple app clusters and cloud providers.

“You want your apps to talk to each other without having to do it yourself or deploy applications in two Kubernetes clusters–that’s where distributed cloud comes to bear,” said Mark Weiner, Volterra’s chief marketing officer.

Volterra also makes it possible for customers to enable any networking or security service inside multiple regions and across providers. Weiner said that Volterra’s platform combines multiple dashboards from separate cloud providers into one management tool.

The company’s customers include mid-market and large enterprises across a range of verticals, including e-commerce and gaming, retailers, and telecom companies.

Update: This article was revised on May 18 to provide additional information about the free and paid versions of VoltShare.

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