The U.S. presidential campaign kicks into high gear over the next two weeks with the Democratic National Convention on August 25-28 and the Republican National Convention on September 1-4. TechRepublic’s sister sites, CNET News and, will be providing extensive Web coverage as well as a spotlight on the issues that affect the technology industry.

As CNET editor in chief Dan Farber explains:

“CNET News reporters Declan McCullagh, Stephanie Condon, and Kara Tsuboi will be on the scene, covering the tech policies and positions of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. In addition, they will be roaming the convention floors, interviewing delegates, politicians, and pundits on tech-related issues such as Net neutrality, Internet taxation, and privacy.”

Over on, there will be a daily Webcast to analyze the events from 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern, hosted by Katie Couric from the CBS Evening News. Katie and the rest of the CBS News political team will also be taking online questions submitted from viewers. Watch the short video clip below to hear Katie explain.