The Consumer Panel, established by the U.K. communications regulator OfCom, has called for a mandatory code of practice from ISPs to provide consumers with clear information on the realistic speeds to expect from their Internet connections and an option to shift to other packages if expectations are not met.

An excerpt from The Press Association:

Customers should have the right to switch to a different deal or opt out of their contracts penalty-free if their actual broadband speed is significantly lower than that advertised, the Consumer Panel said.

Internet service providers should provide clear, upfront information to householders about factors which can affect line speed.

And they should contact customers a fortnight after installation to tell them their actual broadband speed, the Panel said.

ISPs are known to market network connections, promising the sky with high theoretical connection speeds, only to have users foxed into accepting contracts with a fraction of promised throughput. The recommendations from the Consumer Panel will ensure that users get more choices in accepting the terms of the contracts.

Do you believe the recent steps will go a long way in addressing user concerns over Internet speed?

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