A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out another desktop toy (see my previous post where I reviewed the USB Heated Slippers). The new desktop toy wasn’t originally slated to be mine, but it was an emergency situation. My cubicle is right next to a second story window, and the air outside was extremely cold that particular day. As a result, my fingers were frozen little digits, painfully typing against my keyboard. What’s that? We have USB Heated Gloves?! Ahhhhh….. Check out the photo gallery: “Desktop toys: Heated gloves.”

Needless to say, the heat the gloves generated were a relief to my freezing fingers, but the cords were cumbersome to work around. My advice to the makers of these gloves (Perpetualkid.com) is to design a wireless version for 2007 around this time of year, when the weather starts getting cold and people are looking for interesting – and practical – gift ideas.

I’m still seeking desktop toy recommendations for those of you who are already checking out the holiday shopping scene. If you have any ideas, please post a comment.