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The Windows 2000 Resource Kit contains numerous tools to
help you manage and extend Windows 2000 systems. In addition to many graphical
and console-based tools, the Resource Kit also includes scripts that you can use to automate a variety of processes.

For example, the Resource Kit includes numerous scripts that
enable you to gather information about the local computer or a remote computer.
The following is a list of some of these scripts:

  • Bus.vbs: Retrieve bus information.
  • Cacheinfo.vbs: Get cache information.
  • Cdromdrives.vbs: Get information about the machine’s
    CD-ROM drives.
  • Checkbios.vbs: Display information about the system’s
  • Compsys.vbs: List properties for the computer.
  • Desktop.vbs: List desktop properties for the computer.
  • Device.vbs: List and control devices.
  • Devicemem.vbs: List DMA settings.
  • Diskpartition.vbs: Get disk partition information.
  • Dmachan.vbs: List DMA channels.
  • Irqres.vbs: List IRQ resources.
  • Listos.vbs: List operating system properties.
  • Motherboard.vbs: Get information about the motherboard.
  • Parallelport.vbs: Get information about the system’s
    parallel ports.
  • Processor.vbs: Get information about the system’s

To learn more about these and other scripts in the Resource
Kit, open the Alphabetical List Of Tools folder in the
Resource Kit installation folder and browse for .VBS files. Double-click a
script to open a console window that shows information about the script.