In the wake of an investigation by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that attempts by Comcast to throttle P2P applications violated network neutrality principles, Comcast announced that it will be shifting toward a more agnostic approach.

As part of fulfilling the promise, Comcast this week began testing new network management techniques that do not penalize specific protocols or applications. Scant details were offered, though it is known that these tests are rolled out in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Warrenton, Virginia, and that a different system was installed at each location.

Company spokesman Charlie Douglas noted: “We’re looking at three hardware-software solutions. And we’re trying to figure out which one delivers the best overall customer experience.”

The implementation of the above-mentioned tests appears to be rolled-out much like how P2P throttling was surreptitiously put into place. As such, it is not clear how Comcast will be able to determine “the best overall customer experience.” Surely it won’t be by the amount of complaints that it receives?

Anyway, how do you manage WAN access on your company network? Do you implement any kind of network throttling against users accessing content unrelated to their work — say, online radio and movie sites?