In January of 2007, I wrote a post about how a security firm, Bio-Sense Technologies, was trying to interpret a dog’s bark “to see if a dog is responding to a threat instead of just making a lot of noise. “

Low and behold, it’s one year later, and recent tech news headlines show that we’re still trying to crack that nut. This time, however, scientists are using computer software to analyze dog barks and determine canine emotions.

Excerpt from Reuters:

“A possible commercial application could be a device for dog-human communication,” the scientist [Csaba Molnar] told Reuters.

I know that I might be going out on a ledge here, but why aren’t scientists working on technology to help people communicate better with other people? For starters, an IT help desk – end user translator would sell like gangbusters. And how about a Network Admin – CIO communicator? Everyone knows that there’s a serious communication gap there that could be bridged with a little help from technology. When humans can communicate with humans… then I’ll be impressed!