When you’re setting up an interview with a company representative, be sure you find out how long the interview will take.This TechRepublic member learned this lesson the hard way.


I heard from a TechRepublic member yesterday who had just been through a job interview so lengthy it almost violated the Geneva Convention.

Here’s the story from our TechRepublic member:

“I arrived on time and met with an HR rep for about 35 minutes. The Systems Manager was next, and I met with him till about 9:30. I was then passed on to the Application Manager, who I met with till 10:00. At 10, he looked at his watch and said, ‘Let me see if Bob is ready for you yet.’ After about 10 minutes, he came back and said, ‘Bob won’t be able to make it and you’re not scheduled to meet with so-and-so, the CFO, till 11:00, and we can’t rearrange his schedule.’ Now, aside from asking why the heck I’m meeting with the CFO when I’m only interviewing for a Help Desk position, it appears I wouldn’t be out of there till 11:30… or later if there were any more unforeseen circumstances.

Like I said, I thought I’d be out by 10:00 and had told my manager I’d ‘probably be in around 10:30.’ I wouldn’t have been here till noon.

When the interview was set up, no one mentioned to this person how long it would take or how many people he would be meeting.”

This is a real faux pas on the part of HR or whatever person set up the interview, especially since it was going to entail talking to more than one person. My guess is that there was no communication between the HR people and the hiring manager. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to ask the company rep yourself when you’re setting up a day and time about how long the process will take. It’s a valid question, especially if you’re taking time away from your present job.