Conference time goes Hollywood

Conference season hit a high this week with three major conferences underway.

Conference season hit a high this week with three major conferences underway.

The hype surrounding virtualisation hit fever pitch with the kickoff of VMWorld. As if channelling a Hollywood marketing executive, Cisco CEO John Chambers claimed that "Web 2.0 has been around, but at Cisco we're doing it with a vengeance". Personally, I can not wait for Chambers to work "Live Free or Die Hard" into his next speech.

At the Intel Developer Forum, Intel announced that they will offer 32GB flash drives with servers in 2008. At least one Builder staff member has been bemoaning the latest iPod line-up for lack of a decent sized flash based player -- if size is not a problem, we may have found his next Christmas present.

Hollywood references showed up again at Dreamforce,'s user conference, with the announcement that's hosting platform would be called This is the first step into a larger world of never-ending Star Wars puns of which I shall not tire.

Who says just because you are a programmer that you are not allowed to be cultured and enjoy a good Oscar Wilde pun with an interview? Surely not Nick Gibson who sat down with Andre Pang to see if Erlang can move beyond its birthplace -- the telecommunications sector.

However, the biggest story of the week was the decision taken by the European Court of First Instance to uphold the European Commission's claims that Microsoft abused its dominant position in the operating system market.

The court's decision is expected to have far-reaching implications for consumers, computer makers, Microsoft competitors and, perhaps most pointedly, the Commission's ability to regulate technology companies on antitrust matters, legal experts and industry observers say.