You can use the Scheduled Tasks folder to automate programs
under Windows 2000 Professional. For example, you might use Scheduled Tasks to
start a backup program or a disk management program.

The Scheduled Tasks folder offers a handful of advanced
options that you can configure to make Scheduled Tasks more useful. To
configure these options, open the Scheduled Tasks folder and then click the Advanced menu.

The following list explains the commands available in the Advanced menu:

  • Stop Using Task Scheduler: Choose
    this command to stop the Task Scheduler service.
  • Pause Task Scheduler: Choose this
    command to pause Task Scheduler and prevent Task
    Scheduler from running scheduled programs.
  • Notify Me Of Missed Tasks: Have
    Task Scheduler notify you of any scheduled tasks that failed to run.
  • AT Service Account: Choose this
    command to specify the security context in which the scheduler runs. Task
    Scheduler uses the System account by default.
  • View Log: Choose this command to
    view a log of recent Scheduled Task log entries for service events and
    scheduled task events.

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