Configure Cloak for a secure VPN connection for Mac or iOS devices

If you frequently connect to wireless networks on corporate-issued Mac or iOS devices, consider using Cloak to secure your network traffic.

Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

Cloak allows you to easily get a VPN solution for secure online connections while on the go. It reroutes your internet traffic through the Cloak servers and keeps prying eyes from being able to see your network traffic when connected to untrusted wireless networks. See how easy it is to get Cloak up and running and configured on your Mac or iOS devices.

Download Cloak

Cloak is a paid VPN service ($3.99 for a week, $9.99 per month, or $99 per year) designed to take advantage of iOS and OS X's built-in VPN features. It works well with iOS, and it even includes the ability to designate certain trusted Wi-Fi networks when you'd like the VPN service disabled.

The first steps to using Cloak is to download the iOS app from the iTunes App Store and sign up for an account.

Configure Cloak for automatic connections

To configure Cloak to be enabled when you're not on trusted Wi-Fi networks and to be disabled when you are on trusted connections, you'll want to configure Cloak so that it knows your trusted networks. Follow these steps.

  1. Open Cloak.
  2. Tap the Lock in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Auto-Secure Connections switch to enable it.
  4. The Wi-Fi connections that your device knows will be listed. Tap Add New Wi-Fi Network to add the network by SSID (wireless name) (Figure A).
  5. Tap the Done button.

Now when your device connects to an untrusted network that is not on the list you just configured, Cloak will enable the VPN and automatically connect to the fastest available VPN server available on its network, protecting your data and ensuring no one on the untrusted network will be able to get your transmitted data.

Figure A

Cloak will be automatically disabled on trusted networks.
Image: Cory Bohon/TechRepublic

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