If you’ve ever browsed through the settings
for Internet Explorer, you might have run across Content Advisor, a
feature in IE that lets you block site content by various rating
levels. By default, IE uses the ratings defined by the Recreational
Software Advisory Council (RSAC), which folded into the Internet
Content Rating Association (ICRA) in 1999.

While RSAC no longer exists, IE’s Content
Advisor feature does, and many people use it as one method for
blocking objectionable content. To accommodate site visitors who
use Content Advisor, you can configure your Web site with the
appropriate ratings.

To configure content ratings for IIS, follow
these steps:

  1. Open the IIS console from the Administrative
    Tools folder, and open the properties for the site.
  2. On the HTTP Headers tab, click Edit Ratings
    to open the Content Ratings dialog box.
  3. On the Ratings tab, select the Enable Ratings
    option for this resource.
  4. In the Category list, click a category, and
    use the Rating slide-bar to choose a value based on the content of
    your site. Repeat the process for each category.
  5. Enter your e-mail address in the provided
    field, set an expiration date for the content ratings, and click

If you want to configure the site to also use
the ICRA rating system, you must do so via the organization’s Web
. Note that IE users must download and install a ratings
file for ICRA and configure IE to use the ratings system.

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