Windows 2000 Professional includes a fax service that
enables you to send and receive faxes. You can compose outgoing cover page
faxes, which consist of a single cover page containing a subject and a note. To
send multi-page faxes, you can print from any document to the Fax print device
that Windows installs automatically with the fax service. This latter method
enables you to also fax documents that you have scanned to a file.

You can configure several settings for the fax service,
including the fax device, sender information, automatic receive options, and
more. To configure these properties, click Start, Programs, Accessories,
Communications, Fax, Fax Service Management. To
configure properties for the modem, click the Devices branch in the left pane,
then right-click the modem in the right pane, and choose Properties. In the
resulting dialog box for the modem, you can enable and disable Send and
Receive, and specify what action the fax service should take when a fax arrives
(Print, Save In A Folder, or Forward To A Mailbox).

You can also configure general properties for the fax
service. Right-click the Fax Service On Local Computer
branch in the left pane and choose Properties. In the resulting dialog box, you
can set retry properties for failed fax attempts, add a banner to each outgoing
page, set the fax archive folder, and other properties. Use the Security tab of
this dialog box to specify which users can send faxes, view fax jobs and
properties, and manage the fax service.

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