Configuring dial-up networking in Win2K Pro

Learn how to set up a dial-up configuration within Windows 2000 Professional.

If you’re used to setting up dial-up networking in Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, forget everything you know. Welcome to the world of Windows 2000 Professional, where dial-up networking has come of age. Here’s a quick lesson that explains how to install dial-up networking in Win2K Pro.

From the beginning
Navigating the networking configurations of Windows 2000 Professional is actually quite simple. Rather than setting up the dial-up networking options from the Control Panel, everything can be done directly from the My Network Places icon (see Figure A).

Figure A
The My Network Places icon

Right-clicking on the My Network Places icon and selecting Properties takes you to the Network Properties screen. From here, you can add a new network configuration.

Setting up the dial-up configuration
To begin the installation and configuration of dial-up networking, double-click on the Make New Connection icon. The Network Configuration Wizard will appear and guide you through the setup process. When you click Next, you’ll see the screen shown in Figure B.

Figure B
Choose your network connection.

Select Dial-Up To The Internet from the list of options and then click Next. You will be taken to the Internet Connection Wizard where you will be given several configuration options. For the best configuration, select I Want To Set Up My Internet Connection Manually or I Want To Connect Through A Local Area Network (LAN).

After making your selection and clicking on Next, you will be taken to a window where you can choose to set up a dial-up connection or LAN connection. Select I Connect Through A Phone Line And Modem and then click Next.

Finishing the process
The next part of the Internet Connection Wizard helps you select and connect to an Internet account (see Figure C).

Figure C
The Internet Connection Wizard helps you configure your computer to dial in to a server via a phone line and modem.

First, you select your Internet service provider from a list provided by the Microsoft Internet Referral Service. On the next screen, you enter the username and password that you’ll use to dial in to the server via the computer’s modem. For the final part of this process, you will be asked to name the dial-up account that you just created. As long as you or the user knows which server it connects to, it doesn’t matter how you name the new dial-up account.

The next screen asks you to set up your Internet mail configuration. Because this step strays from the process of configuring a dial-up connection, we will not cover it at this time. Simply click No and then Next. On the final screen, click Finish.

Mission accomplished
You have now successfully set up a dial-up configuration within Windows 2000 Professional. You can now access the dial-up screen in order to log in to a dial-up account by simply right-clicking the My Network Places icon, selecting Properties, and then selecting the dial-up account.
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