Based on a reader’s request, Steven Warren’s blog about SQL Mail, How do I configure SQL Mail in SQL Server 2000, is now also available as a download and a photo gallery.

Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

As a database administrator, I like automation. When it comes to my backups, I like to automate as much as possible. SQL Mail gives me the ability to know when my backups are successful and when they fail.

SQL Mail is a component of SQL Server that allows you to send mail. Some of its functions include the ability to send messages to an e-mail pager and to send results via the extended stored procedure (xp_sendmail).

SQL Mail allows you to send and receive e-mail by working side by side with a mail server. There are two services that handle SQL Mail with SQL Server 2000: MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent. I am going to explain how to configure and take advantage of this hidden gem.

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