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IT pros who are on top of their game are finding the answers to key questions through TechProGuild. The search for answers is even easier now that TechProGuild has been integrated into TechRepublic.

Successful IT pros stay on top of their game by tapping into TechProGuild, TechRepublic's premium online community that features extensive IT content, members-only downloads and tools, a monthly newsletter, and twice-weekly TechMails.

Just ask Mark Grady, principal consultant for intraliant. Grady was helping a client who was getting poor network performance on a pair of laptops that the client had linked to a wireless network. Grady said he identified one issue: His client had not used WEP to secure the network. However, Grady was having a more difficult time troubleshooting the performance issue.

"If you sat the laptops right next to the WAP, there was reasonable performance, but if you moved a meter or so away, it began to fall off sharply," Grady said. "It was only after reading the TechProGuild article on diagnosing wireless network problems that I realized that my clients' WAP was sat right next to a large metal locker! Needless to say, one short phone call later to ask the customer to relocate the base station to an area away from metal cabinets and lockers had the problem licked. I would never have thought of this if I hadn't read about multipathing at TechProGuild. Just goes to show that even us seasoned pros don't know it all!"

IT pros will find it even easier to get the answers to their questions now that TechProGuild is integrated as part of the TechRepublic site, a move that will help members quickly access and search the essential IT content and advice available only on TechProGuild. The new TechProGuild features a streamlined professional interests section linked to an improved Peer Directory, a change designed to make it easier to identify and connect with your peers.

"TechProGuild is a great resource for IT professionals, and it is even easier to explore now that it is part of TechRepublic," said Veronica Combs, executive editor of TechRepublic and Builder. "Now one search will provide all of our content on a particular subject, both the free and the subscription content."

TechProGuild members enjoy a wide range of resources. Included is an array of essential content for network administrators and support professionals on:
  • Network/system administration: Windows NT/2000/.NET/XP, NetWare, Linux/UNIX
  • PC troubleshooting/maintenance
  • Infrastructure: Cisco, internetworking, and network infrastructure issues
  • Help desk and support resources covering Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux/UNIX, and more

TPG members can also access:
  • The online TechBooks library, which includes more than 250 full-text books, including content, illustrations, and graphics from leading industry publishers.
  • Exclusive member-only downloads, including scripts, templates, and checklists.
  • Twice-weekly e-mails to keep you up to date with the latest information on the site.
  • Technical tips and tricks, including proven solutions for administering remote access links, VPN connections, and TCP/IP networks.
  • A monthly PDF newsletter highlighting Windows Client, Windows Server, infrastructure, PC troubleshooting, and more.

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