Conquer IT issues with help from TechProGuild's Tech Books library

As an IT professional, you face new challenges every day. Let TechProGuild's Tech Books online library help answer your IT questions. Get the details here.

Keeping pace with the ever-increasing information technology curve is no simple task. TechProGuild is here to help.

TechProGuild’s Tech Books online library collects more than 200 current and popular IT books. You’ll find texts covering the Windows NT/2000 server and desktop operating systems, Windows 9x, Cisco internetworking technologies, hardware troubleshooting, development technologies, Linux, NetWare, and more. You’ll find books from such respected publishers as:
  • ·        Computing McGraw-Hill
  • ·        Syngress Media
  • ·        Sybex
  • ·        Que
  • ·        Sams
  • ·        MIT Press
  • ·        Course Technology
  • ·        John Wiley & Sons
  • ·        Macmillan Technical Publishing

You can read these information-packed texts online, print relevant passages, and even view all of a book’s diagrams, charts, and tables quickly and easily. No more running to the bookstore to hunt down a specific title or waiting overnight for an expensive FedEx rush order. Your TechProGuild membership provides you with an automatic Tech Books library card. Just click on any Tech Books link on the TechProGuild Web site or proceed directly to the Tech Books library.

As only an online library can do, TechProGuild will update titles often. Your input into which books should be added (and removed) is always welcome, so don't be shy. Tell us what you like (and dislike). Are there specific books or topics you’d like covered? Let us know.

Each book selection in the Tech Books library includes a book summary, along with the book’s table of contents, so you can quickly find the answers you’re seeking. You can browse the following Tech Books categories, too:
  • ·        Databases
  • ·        Desktop & Office Applications
  • ·        Enterprise Computing
  • ·        Graphic Design
  • ·        Hardware
  • ·        Networks & Protocols
  • ·        Operating Systems
  • ·        Programming
  • ·        Web Development
  • ·        Business & Culture
  • ·        Certification

Nowhere else can you find complete content to over 200 books—over $6,000 if purchased separately—all in one place. A TechProGuild subscription is only $8.95 a month, which entitles you to exclusive Daily Drill Downs, Daily Features, and downloads, including six monthly newsletters. Tech Books is yet another value-added feature of your TechProGuild membership.

We're sure you'll find Tech Books to be yet another great new addition to TechProGuild. Enjoy!

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