IT consultants have career issues that are different from
those of the corporate IT pro. In this regular column, we will address those
issues that are specific to the consultant. Since the best answers to these
questions are going to come from the experts themselves–TechRepublic
members–I will post the question or concern and ask that you guys weigh in
with your advice. This week’s question comes from TechRepublic
member Maurice, a budding consultant in the area of network security. Here’s
part of an e-mail I received from him:

“I have started a small company. I would love very much
to become a consultant and hope you can give some advice on a good starting
point. I have the technical training and expertise to do the work, but I’m not
so prepared for the business side. I’m not sure how to go about marketing
myself and my business, networking for clients, and reaching my target market,
which is the home-based business. I haven’t yet found a way to be where they
are, know how they shop, where they meet, and what their needs truly are. Any
assistance is helpful.” Please post your advice and comments in the
discussion section following this article.