Consultant wins Peer Directory contest

TechRepublic member Nicholas Green will soon be enjoying his free copy of our Administrator's Guide to TCP/IP, Second Edition. Nicholas' entry was chosen from the 1,600 members who updated their Peer Directory listing earlier this month.

With the chance to win a free book or CD from TechRepublic's catalog by updating a Peer Directory listing during the first week of September, more than 1,600 TechRepublic members took us up on the offer. From the e-mails we received from members telling us what they had updated, we chose Nicholas Green, an IT consultant in Mountain View, CA, as the winner. A copy of the book he requested, Administrator's Guide to TCP/IP, Second Edition, is on its way.

Nicholas told us that he began visiting TechRepublic after he received an e-mail about the site. He told us that while he most enjoys TechRepublic's free downloads, security is the subject that keeps this IT consultant coming back to TechRepublic.

Nicholas uses the Peer Directory "to understand the background and knowledge of people posting to the discussion lists." Take a look at Nicholas' listing and browse those of other TechRepublic members.

As part of several recent efforts to redesign our site, we made these changes to the Peer Directory:
  • A broader professional interests section: We replaced the dozens of checkboxes on certification, development languages, and OS preferences with a smaller list of professional interests. Not only are these interests easier to maintain, but including them makes it easier to connect with other members who have similar interests.
  • Find members like yourself: After you select your professional interests, the Peer Directory home page allows you to quickly find other TechRepublic members who share your expertise. All of your interests are preselected, so all you need to do is click the Find Peers button.
  • Peer search results: We also added more information to the Peer Search Results such as job title, company name, and site alias.

You could be the next winner!
For a chance to win a TechRepublic book or CD, update your Peer Directory listing and send an e-mail describing the change to before midnight on Friday, October 3. If we draw your name from the submitted entries, we'll send you the book or CD of your choice from our catalog.

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