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Consultants are primed to lead their clients' Linux projects

Clients want to know about Linux, and consultants are ready to advise them. That's what we found in our recent survey of TechRepublic members and their involvement in Linux and other open source projects.

According to TechRepublic members who responded to a recent poll posted on IT Consultant Republic asking about your involvement in Linux and other open source projects, Linux is here to stay.

We heard from 379 respondents, who said their clients’ interest in Linux is growing. See Figure A for the survey results.
Figure A

Looking to Linux
Consultants seem anxious to recommend and implement Linux applications for their clients because of the quality and cost savings it offers. Patrick van Dongen, a consultant based in the Netherlands, said, “So far I've seen plenty of operations using Linux. The role typically set aside for Linux in these enterprises is as the Internet front door (firewall, proxy and SMTP relay, Internet fall back, and DNS redirector, for example). Especially when security is an issue, Linux firewalls seem to be unbeatable in price and performance.”

According to Joe, another TechRepublic member and a UNIX system administrator, “Linux has progressed to the point that is a viable OS for most development and engineering projects. It will probably overtake the general computing and word processing environments as the infrastructure to support it develops. It is legitimized by cost and functionality. Linux, in some variant, is here to stay.”

What do you think?
Can Linux ever truly compete with Microsoft? How long will it take for Linux to catch on at the enterprise level? Post a comment below or send us a note.


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