Microsoft Excel let’s you convert formula cells to values
with a couple of mouse clicks. For example, suppose you want to copy your
students’ final grades to a new worksheet. If you try to copy and paste the
column with the formulas that computes their grades, you will get errors. You
first need to convert the formulas to their final grades.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select
    the range of cells whose values you want to copy and click the copy
  2. Move
    the mouse pointer along the border of the selection until the mouse turns
    into a cross with double-headed arrows.
  3. Right-click
    and drag the selection to a blank area of your worksheet that is large
    enough to hold the range.
  4. Release
    the mouse button and choose Copy Here As Values

Now you can easily copy the grades to any other Word or
Excel document.

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