Holiday shopping. Whether you purchase your gifts online or brave the traffic and check-out lines, it’s something that most people wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do. Each year, I try to talk myself into being more proactive instead of waiting until the last minute to shop, but I’ve found that I truly do my best work (including shopping) when I’m under pressure. My shopping is split between online and in-store purchases. Sometimes browsing the aisles will spark a gift idea, which is why I especially liked this story that featured gift ideas for the tech and wired kids (wired as in electronics, not hyperactive): “Hot tech gifts for the holidays.” 

Within this story, there are two different links to photo galleries, which is kind of like browsing the aisles in a store, except the galleries only feature what’s hot – not those other random gifts that you have to sift through to get to the goods. Here are the links for your gallery viewing/shopping convenience: “Photos: Top tech holiday gifts” and “Photos: Gifts for wired kids.”

Fortunately, my shopping list is fairly small. My 9-year old son has requested a cell phone this year, which has “prepaid calling card” written all over it. However, some other things have captured his eye, such as the cool electronics we saw at Radio Shack on the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I ventured out on this crazy shopping day, but only for cable wire and a splicer. Anyway, we saw this robotic dinosaur, called the RoboRaptor, that was truly amazing. We shared the controller and had him battle another remote controlled robot. Have you come across any cool gift ideas that aren’t in the photo galleries?