Recent news regarding the newest product offering from Corona Labs called Corona Cloud has caused waves within the development world. The customizable platform allows developers to add social features that will connect gaming players regardless of platform and bring them together in online communities.

Unlike Apple’s Game Center, Corona Cloud holds the “keys to the kingdom” through leveraging a RESTful API, which powers the platform and allows for further communication. Though Corona Cloud is intended primarily as a gaming network, the implications of such a translator and multiplatform support add to the growing demand for intranetworking coherence. Let’s consider what this means for app developers and for mobile users.

What sets Corona Cloud apart

Two major advantages of using cross-platform tools are they’re in high demand, and common code only needs to be crafted once, driving down the cost and development time substantially. Read my previous post to learn about some of the downsides to using cross-platform mobile app development tools.

Corona Cloud operates as a distinctly separate service from the general SDK and cross-development tools already in use such as RhoMobile, PhoneGap, and Marmalade. The benefit to the cloud over that of the SDK is: it is completely cross-platform; it is able to link to mobile; it can use push notifications; it can measure information through analytics; and it can socially connect. The translator within the cloud is able to cypher all languages, allowing for minimal issues resulting from app development.

In terms of user experience, let’s consider the user has an Android phone and an iPad. With a game developed on Corona Cloud, the user can play the game on her Android phone on the train ride home from work, and then pick up where she left off on her iPad at home. This is virtually unheard of currently, as most games and apps at large are siloed by lack of interconnects between platforms for data sharing.

Bottom line

As these trends accelerate, there will be more integration with cloud technologies and APIs in cross-development platforms. The demand for such platforms is not dissipating, and the desire to use several tools for the purposes of translation is becoming more widespread.

Visit the Corona Labs site to get pricing details for Corona Cloud.