Controlling costs is a daily struggle. We want to be your
number one source of tools to help you win the battle. TechRepublic is
gathering a collection of cost control tools and we’re hoping you can help! Send us cost-control tools you’ve created—or
simply an idea for such a tool—that provide quick
information. If we publish a tool you’ve created, we’ll send you $50. If we use
your idea, we’ll reward you with a TechRepublic t-shirt.

Available calculator tools from TechRepublic

To give you an idea of what we have in mind, here are a few
of the cost control calculators that are currently available on TechRepublic:

  • Square footage cost calculator
    This Excel spreadsheet can help you determine the current cost of your
    lease based on square footage as well as potential costs over the next five
  • Hiring cost calculator
    The cost of a new hire amounts to more than just salary and benefits. This
    spreadsheet will help you determine everyone’s contribution when deciding
    to bring someone on board.
  • Systems downtime expense calculator
    This Excel spreadsheet will help you calculate a dollar value for the real
    costs of network downtime, including lost productivity.
  • ROI calculator for hardware purchases
    This Excel
    spreadsheet will help you calculate ROI over the total life cycle of a
    hardware purchase.

Send us your cost-control tools

If you’d like to contribute to our archive of cost-control
calculators, send us any tools you’ve created along with
instructions for use. If you’re in need of a cost-control tool, send us your idea. We’ll pay you $50 if we publish your
tool or, if we use your idea, we’ll send you a TechRepublic t-shirt.