According to a survey by Compensation Resources Inc., more
employees are quitting their jobs for better offers. The survey results were
discussed in a recent CareerJournal article, which said that turnover should continue
to grow in the next six months with everyone from the executive to the front
line employees jumping ship.

You may be one of the many who’ve just been waiting for an
economic boost to find a new job. After you give notice to your current
employer but before you walk out the door, you may have to deal with one last
thing: a counteroffer. Those last efforts by your current company to retain your
talent can be tricky to navigate. Before you decide whether to stay or go,
check out these TechRepublic resources:

  • Weigh these
    factors before you accept a counteroffer

    You’re ready to walk out the door and leave your days as an unhappy
    employee behind. Then, your boss makes an offer you can’t refuse. Or can
    you? Here are some points to keep in mind as you decide whether to accept
    a counteroffer.

The other side of the fence

If you’re the manager of a soon-to-depart employee and want
to try to change his or her mind by dangling a bit of cash or other incentives,
use this advice gathered by TechRepublic contributor Ruby Bayan to assure you
do it right.

Are counteroffers a no-win situation?

Can accepting a counteroffer ever be a good thing, or are you just prolonging the pain? Weigh in
and tell
us about your experiences
in the discussion below.