If you understood the title, then you are indeed up-to-date on your IT news. In case you didn’t get it though – Like Comcast, Cox Communications is pulling the same trick of hindering peer-to-peer traffic, if a report by The Register is to be believed.

Excerpt from The Register:

According to Robb Topolski – the networking guru who first revealed that Comcast was busting BitTorrent back in May. Cox is using some sort of network hardware tool to sever connections on another P2P service, eDonkey. “I’m seeing the same thing with Cox and eDonkey that I saw with Comcast,” Topolski told us.

When an eDonkey client attempts to trade a file with another, the ISP is sending a duped reset flag that breaks the peer-to-peer connection. In essence, peer-to-peer users are prevented from seeding files.

When confronted by the folks at The Register, Cox gave them the canned statement that they reserves the right to “manage” high-bandwidth traffic.

Topolski is still performing tests, and he also hopes to determine whether Cox is doing the same to BitTorrent as well.

If the major ISPs start enforcing bandwidth throttling or “management,” does that mean consumers will eventually have no choice but accept it as a prerequisite for accessing the Internet?