One month ago, TechRepublic called upon gadget-geeks everywhere to disassemble interesting electronics, document the process, and submit the results for our first-ever Cracking Open tryouts. We provide examples of existing Cracking Open galleries and laid out a few ground rules–photos and captions must be original content. It didn’t take long for the submissions to come rolling in.

As our editors gleefully worked their way through the entries, they picked out the galleries that rose above the rest and provided answers to some frequently asked questions. We’re now ready to being publishing the best Cracking Open tryout submissions. For the next several weeks, we will publish one Cracking Open finalist every Friday–starting today.

Ironman556_2003, our first Cracking Open finalist, dissected an extremely common, but still interesting device–a DVD player. This gallery’s 34 photos and detailed descriptions walk you through the disassembly process and provide a thorough examination of each internal component. Click the title or image below to view the entire gallery.

 Cracking open and ALBA 65/A DVD player

Cracking open a DVD player 

All our Cracking Open finalists have a chance to become regular TechRepublic Cracking Open contributors. And, we want your help making that decision. Please provide feedback about each finalist’s gallery. Was the gallery interesting? Did the photos provide enough detail? Were the descriptions informative and entertaining? Be fair and honest!