Windows 2000 Server’s Event Viewer enables you to view events in each of the event logs. Locating specific events in a log, even if you configure the log for a
relatively small maximum size, can be difficult. The Event Viewer includes the
capability to filter the log for specific types of events to minimize that
potential problem.

When you close the Event Viewer console, any filter you have
set is lost. The next time you open the Event Viewer, you see all default events.
However, you can create your own Event Viewer console to retain a filter from
session to session.

Follow these steps to create the console:

  1. Go to Start | Run and type MMC to open the MMC console.
  2. Choose Console | Add/Remove Snap-in. Select Add | Event Viewer | Add and then click Finish, Close, and OK.
  3. With
    the Event Viewer open in the console, open an Event Log and set the
    desired filter.
  4. Repeat
    step 3 for other logs as desired.
  5. Close
    the console and when prompted, click Yes to save
    the console. Specify a name such as Filtered_Events.msc
    and click Save. Windows Server by default will save the file in the
    Administrative Tools folder unless you specify otherwise.

To test your new filtered Event
Viewer, open the Filtered_Events console and review
the contents of the filtered event logs. The console should save the filter
changes each time you close it.

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