Create a new warning for Access record deletion

If you have started to glaze over the message you get whenever you delete an Access record, you may want to record a message that is more likely to grab your attention. Mary Ann Richardson shows you how.

When you delete a record in a form, Access displays a standard message box, asking you to confirm the deletion. But you are not limited to this message; you can create your own message text to include a reminder or other information. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the database, and click Macros under Objects.
  2. Click New.
  3. Right-click the macro title bar and select Conditions. (In Access 2002, click the Conditions button in the Macro toolbar.)
  4. Click in the first Conditions cell and enter the following:
    MsgBox("Do you really want to delete the record?"273,"Delete")<>1
  5. Click in the Action cell and enter CancelEvent.
  6. Click in the next Condition cell.
  7. Enter an ellipsis (...).
  8. Press [Tab].
  9. Enter StopMacro.
  10. Click in the next Action cell.
  11. Enter Keystrokes.
  12. Under Action Arguments, click in the Keystrokes box and click [Enter].
  13. Close and save the macro as ConfirmDelete.
  14. Open the form in design view, then right-click the form and select Properties.
  15. On the Event tab, click in the On Delete property box and select ConfirmDelete.

You can modify the message in step 4 to be any text you like. The macro will execute before the system actually deletes the record.

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