You just found out that you’re expected to do a presentation in
10 minutes, and the presentation will include images. What do you do?

You might open your presentation software, start adding images to
slides, and hope you finish in time. Or, if you’re using LibreOffice 4.1, you use a new feature
that allows you to create a slide show based on a series of images. Imagine the
time you’ll save by including an entire folder of photos into a
presentation without jumping through all the hoops of creating a single
slide for every image. 

What you need to follow this tutorial

If LibreOffice 4.1 is not installed on your computer, please go to the LibreOffice site, download the latest release, and install it. This feature is available to all platforms that use LibreOffice — Linux, Windows, and Mac.

You’ll also need to have one folder that contains all of the
images to be used in the slide show. It’s important that your images be
sequentially numbered. The images will appear in the slides according to
name. So if you have a group of slides with names IMG_001.jpg, IMG_002.jpg, IMG_003.jpg, that will be the order of the slides. You can arrange the
images manually according to your needs, but if you have a lot of
images, this process is much more efficient if the file
names are sequential. You can add one to four images per slide, and the images will
be scaled accordingly. 

Creating the slides

1. Open LibreOffice and go to New | Presentation. This will
open a blank presentation document.

2. Go to Insert | Picture | Photo Album. In the resulting window, click the Add button and then navigate
to the folder containing the images (Figure A).

Figure A

Getting ready to add a series of photos for slides.

3. Add the images to the slide show.

4. If you want to rearrange the images, select the image you
want to move up or down and then click the Up or the Down button accordingly.

5. Select how many images you want to show per page and if
you want to keep the aspect ratio of the images.

6. Once everything is configured properly, click Insert
Slides, and you’ll see the left pane populate with images (Figure B).

Figure B

Your images added to slides.

7. Go back and add text or resize images, if necessary, or
you can just save the image-based slide show and be ready to go.