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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
provides automatic and dynamic IP addressing for clients. In DHCP,
a reservation assigns a specific IP address to a specific media
access control (MAC) address.

In other words, a DHCP reservation enables you
to assign a specific IP address to a specific computer without any
special configuration on the client. You must only create the
reservation in DHCP and then configure the client to use DHCP.

To determine the MAC address of a target
computer running Windows 2000, open a command console on the
computer, and type IPCONFIG
. The results list network configuration data for each
interface, including the MAC address.

This command also works on Windows XP systems.
For Windows 9x and Me systems, use the WINIPCFG utility on the
client to determine MAC address.

Once you know the MAC address, follow these
steps to create the reservation:

  1. Open the DHCP console on the server. (Go to
    Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | DHCP.)
  2. Open the scope where you want to create the
  3. Right-click the Reservations branch, and
    choose New Reservation.
  4. In the New Reservation dialog box, enter the
    MAC address of the client computer in the MAC Address text box.
  5. In the IP Address text box, enter the desired
    IP address.
  6. In the Reservation Name text box, enter a
    descriptive name for the reservation.
  7. Under Supported Types, indicate whether DHCP
    clients, BOOTP clients, or both will support the reservation.
  8. Click Add, and close all dialog boxes.

After creating the reservation, either reboot
the client computer, or simply refresh its DHCP lease. For Windows
2000 and XP computers, enter IPCONFIG /RENEW at the
command line. For Windows 9x and Me computers, use the WINIPCFG
utility to renew the DHCP lease.