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Create a simple Web page in Word

You don't need to be an HTML wizard or own special software to build a simple Web page. Mary Ann Richardson explains how you can use Word to create a Web-ready page that can be uploaded to your server.

Your organization decides to include all its employees' resumes on its Web site. Senior management wants all employees to write their resume to a Web page that will be uploaded to the server. The employees do not have Web authoring software on their PCs, nor do they know how to program in HTML. By following these steps, they can create a Web page in Word:

  1. Go to File | New.
  2. Click On My Computer in the Task Pane.
  3. Click the Other Documents tab and select Contemporary Resume.
  4. Go to View | Web Layout.
  5. Select the name Deborah Greer and type your own.
  6. Click above the Objective heading in the document.
  7. Go to Format | Borders And Shading.
  8. Click the Horizontal Line button and click a line of your choice.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Resize the line to separate the name from the rest of the resume.
  11. Right-click any toolbar, and select Web Tools.
  12. Click in a line above the address and phone number.
  13. Click the Scrolling Text Tool in the Web Tools box.
  14. Click the Background Color box and select light gray.
  15. Click in the Type The Scrolling Text Here: box and enter Welcome!
  16. Click OK.
  17. Go to Format | Theme.
  18. Choose Network and click OK.
  19. Go to File | Save As.
  20. In File Name box, type your name.
  21. Click the Change Title button.
  22. In the Page Title box, type your name.
  23. Click OK.
  24. Click Save As Type in the drop-down box and select Single-file Web Page.
  25. Click Save.

You are now ready to view your Web page format as it would appear in your Web browser. Go to File | Web Page Preview. When you are satisfied with your format, open the document in Word and edit it to include your own resume information.

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