when installing Windows 2000, you install the operating system (OS) first and
then apply the latest service pack. This is fine
for a handful of systems, but it can be time consuming if you’re installing
Windows 2000 on multiple systems. While you could use a combination of Remote
Installation Services and IntelliMirror to deploy the OS and updates
automatically, this method still requires a separate Setup pass to install the
SP. To save time, you can create a slipstream copy of Windows 2000 with, at the earliest, Service
Pack 2

slipstream copy of Windows 2000 is one in which a given set of SPs or other modifications have been applied to the source
files. In other words, it’s a copy of the Windows 2000 source files in which
the files included in the SP have replaced their original versions. After
creating the slipstream copy, you can place it on a network share or burn it to
a CD for distribution (assuming you satisfy the necessary licensing

create a slipsteam Windows 2000 installation source,
create the folder that will contain the copy (assume c:\slipstream for this
example). Use the following command to copy the Windows 2000 source files from
the CD in drive D to the slipstream folder:

xcopy d:\i386
c:\slipstream\i386 /e

it’s time to copy the files from the Windows 2000 SP2 into the same folder. If
you have the downloaded version of SP2, create the folder c:\SP2 and then
execute the following command from the directory containing the SP2 download to
expand the SP2 files. When prompted, specify c:\SP2 as the location for the


switch to c:\SP2 and execute the following command to copy the SP files to the
slipstream folder:


the path to Update.exe if you’re using the SP2 CD rather than the downloaded

Note: When using later service packs, change “SP2” to “SP3,” “SP4,” etc. in above commands.

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