Forbes Magazine has declared 2013 the year of “Social HR” where organizations will integrate social technologies into the way they recruit, develop, and engage potential employees. What does this mean for those looking for a job? It means that traditional resumes will be significantly impacted, or maybe even replaced, by some form of an individual’s social presence.

Jennifer Hay, who specializes in writing resumes for IT pros, wondered how she could incorporate this new strategy into traditional Word resumes. She came up with a nifty product called TweetsResume. It’s an innovative method that continuously refreshes resume content to display a person’s most recent Tweets. The result is a living document that is quickly and easily customized throughout a job search to best fit specific employment opportunities, and to be well matched at each stage of the interviewing, selection, and hiring process.

Here’s an example of what a TweetsResume would look like:

Not only could you use this section to display some up-to-the-minute events that pertain to a job you’ve applied to, but you can also tweet your enthusiasm about a just-finished interview. Here’s a video that explains how it works: