Unlike printed forms, where users write directly on blank lines, typing data on a line in an online form only moves the line over to the right. For example, say you need your customer to enter his or her name online after reading your form. You place the following at the end of the form: Name: ______________________________________ When the reader attempts to type on the line, it moves to the right, like this: Name: ____Jane Doe__________________________________ To create a line that won’t move, follow these steps:

  1. Create a 2×1 table as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

  1. Right-click the table, click Borders And Shading (Figure B), and then click the Borders tab .

Figure B

  1. Under Setting, click None.
  2. Under Apply To, choose Table (Figure C) and then click OK.

    Figure C

    1. Select the second column, right-click the selection, and click Borders And Shading.
    1. On the Borders tab in the diagram under Preview, click the second and third buttons on the left (Figure D).

    Figure D

    1. Under Apply To, choose Cell and then click OK.

    Figure E shows the results. Now, the user enters a name into the table cell, not on the line, and the cell border does not change.

    Figure E

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