An effective and visually appealing way to set off text in
your Word documents is to use picture bullets. However, if you want to create a
custom bullet in Microsoft Word from a picture, you have to go through the
Bullets And Numbering menu and add the picture to the
Picture Bullet gallery. Then, you follow the menu prompts to insert the picture
bullet into your text.

This method takes quite a bit of navigation through the
menus. If you are only going to use a bullet once, it probably doesn’t warrant
all the work involved to add it to the gallery. A faster method may be to let Word’s
AutoFormat feature create the bullets for you.

Follow these steps to quickly insert a picture from your clip art:

  1. Position
    the pointer on the line where you want your first bullet to appear.
  2. Insert | Picture | Clip Art. Click the picture you want to insert.
  3. Resize the picture to a height only slightly larger than the font size of the bulleted text.
  4. Press
    [Tab], type the text following the bullet, and then press [Enter].

Now, each time you press [Enter], your custom bullet will be
inserted on the next line.

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