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When you print a report in Microsoft Access, some of the data may be missing from variable-length fields (such as Memo fields) because the text box controls aren’t large enough to display all of the data. You can manually resize the control to accommodate the additional data, or you can set the Can Grow property to automatically expand the text box vertically depending on the contents of the field for each record.

To take advantage of the Can Grow property, follow these

  1. In
    Design view, right-click the text control you want to resize, and select
  2. On the
    Format tab, click Can Grow, and select Yes from
    the drop-down list.

When you run the report, the control will automatically
expand to accommodate additional lines of data when the data is larger than the

Data that’s too short for the defined size of a text control
will cause Access to print blank lines. To have the control automatically
resize to eliminate blank lines, follow the same steps for the Can Shrink