This is the second in a series of posts I am doing on Frets on Fire/Guitar Hero. In the first post, I showed how to use your XBOX 360 guitar with Frets on Fire.

OK, so I’ll assume you’ve got Frets on Fire working on your PC with your XBOX 360 guitar. Now you need some songs. One of the coolest ways to get songs into Frets on Fire is to make them yourself. FoF includes a song editor that lets you import your favorite songs, map out the notes and then play your creation within the game. And with the XBOX 360 guitar connected to your PC, you can create these songs in real-time. So instead of pecking out each note individually with your keyboard, you can play along with your favorite songs and have FoF capture what you played. It’s really cool.

What you’ll need:

Creating your song:

I am going to assume that you installed the FoF app and guitar already. If you haven’t, check out my previous post. We’ll wait right here…

OK, here is what you need to do to get your own songs into FoF:

1. Download and install Blaze Media Pro

This is the software that you will use to convert your MP3 file into a FoF-friendly OGG file.

2. Open Blaze Media Pro and select “Conversions>Convert to OGG”

3. Drag your MP3 file into the Convert to OGG window in Blaze Media Pro
Here you see that the Cherry Cola MP3 file is waiting to be converted.

4. Press the “Convert” button at the top of the Convert to OGG window
This will turn your MP3 into a .OGG file that FoF’s Song Editor can use.
5. After your MP3 to OGG conversion is complete, open Frets on Fire and select “Song Editor”

6. Select “Import New Song”

7. Enter a name for your new song
Type in the name for your song and press “Enter.”

8. Point FoF to your OGG file

9. Capture your song

When you’re ready to capture your song, put on your XBOX 360 guitar and press the “Space” bar on your keyboard. This will start the song creation process. Every note that you press on the XBOX 360 guitar will be captured by FoF.

Check out the video of this step.
10. Make any final tweaks

After you’ve run through the song once, you can go back through the timeline to add more notes or fix any mistakes.

11. Save your song

Once you have the song the way you like it, you press the “Esc” key and choose “Save song.” Your song is now ready to played in Frets on Fire.

So that’s it. You are not ready to rock out to your own creation. Simply return to the main FoF screen and select “Play Game.” Your song will show up with the 3 pre-installed songs under the name you chose for it in Step #7 above.

Did you try this out? Let us know what song you used and how it worked out.