CNET editor Kent German reported earlier this week that Matias Duarte, Google’s director of Android user experience, announced at CES 2012 that the company developed an Ice Cream Sandwich style guide. Kent writes:

According to Android Developer Blog, the guide will be a place where developers can “learn about principles, building blocks, and patterns for creating world-class Android user interfaces.” In addition to laying out the building blocks and design principles of ICS, the guide offers advice for buildings apps with details on suggested iconography, patterns, colors, typography, and writing styles.

In the WIRED piece by Mike Isaac about the style guide, Google’s Duarte is quoted as saying:

“Android has had a lot of terrific developer API level documentation,” Duarte tells me, speaking of the code that developers use to understand how Android works, and how to make applications for the platform. “But within our style guide we have things [where] we think, unequivocally, this is the way to make it Android.”

Take a look at the Android Design site, where you’ll find information that might help with help your Ice Cream Sandwich app development efforts. Beyond the getting started section, there are categories devoted to Style, Patterns, and Building Blocks.

Android developers, do you think this style guide will be useful for your work? Let us know in the discussion.