IT pros usually have a list of Internet resources that they
use often. However, if your list of handy bookmarks has grown so long that it
takes a while to find the resource you need, you may
want to consider another way to access your resources. An easier way to access
frequently-used Internet resources is to create shortcuts to these resources.

To create a shortcut to a Web site,
right-click the target location (such as the Desktop) and choose New | Shortcut
to start the Create Shortcut wizard. In the first page of the wizard,
type the full URL to the resource. In the case of a Web site, you should
include http in the URL, as in the following example:


For an ftp site that requires authentication, you can enter
the user name and password in the URL, as in this example:

Click Next, enter a name for the shortcut (which will appear
under the shortcut’s icon), and click Finish. Whenever you want to visit the
site, just double-click the shortcut icon.

Keep in mind that the Desktop is not the only location where
you can create shortcuts. For example, you might create shortcuts in the Quick
Launch toolbar to keep your Desktop uncluttered but still make the sites
quickly available.

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