Create shares remotely with these two utilities in Windows NT

You can share a folder on a remote computer by using the Rmtshare.exe and ShareUI.inf utilities. Here's how.

Creating folders that are accessible over a Windows NT network is simple. All you need to do is right-click the folder and select Sharing.

But what if you want to share a folder on a remote computer? This task is easy if you have Terminal Server Edition on the other side, but what if you don't? Don't worry: The Windows NT 4 Resource Kit offers two utilities that can help: Rmtshare.exe and ShareUI.inf.

Rmtshare.exe is a command-line utility that allows you to share directories on a remote computer. For example, let's say you want to share a folder named Test on drive C of a machine named Server. Enter the following at the command line:

rmtshare \\server\share = c:\test

If you later change your mind, you can delete the share by entering the following at the command line:

rmtshare \\server\share /delete

For a complete list of this utility's supported switches, enter rmtshare at the command prompt.

Of course, command-line utilities aren't for everyone, and many administrators prefer a more intuitive user interface. If you count yourself among this group, check out another Resource Kit utility called ShareUI.

Install the utility by right-clicking the ShareUI.inf in the \i386\netmgmt folder of the Resource Kit CD and selecting Install. After the setup copies all of the necessary files, you'll notice the Shared Directories folder in Windows NT Explorer. You can use this folder to view all of the existing shares and add new ones.

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