Creating an e-mail link

Make sure that people who visit your Web site can contact you. Here's how to create an e-mail link on your site.

By Fred Dekker and Donald St. John

Building an attractive, useful Web page is only part of the job. You also need to give viewers a way to contact you.

In the digital age, Web users expect to have instant and easy e-mail contact with you. To make a link to your e-mail address, you'll need to use the anchor tag again. You can separate your e-mail contact with the <HR> tag, which inserts a horizontal line. We've decided to have the e-mail contact link centered on the page. Put it below the list, like this:

<a href="">Drop us a line!</a>

Now, whenever someone viewing our page clicks the words "Drop us a line," that user's e-mail program will automatically start up and open a new message to send to E-Z Accounting.

And that's it—you've built a basic Web page! Don't forget to check your work carefully in a Web browser (several browsers, if possible; get some friends to help) to make sure that all the elements are visible and look the way they should.

Fred Dekker is one of the Founders of The H.E.L.P. Community, an online resource for beginning Webmasters.

Donald St. John was the founding Webmaster at PC Games magazine.

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