Most any job can become boring if it requires that you do the same thing day in and day out. In fact, it’s a major factor behind job-hopping, particularly with IT pros, who are currently in demand. What do you do to make sure your employees want to stay with your company?

When the folks at Microsoft saw a job-hopping trend among IT pros who grew restless with the same old routine, they took action. Microsoft’s Silicon Valley office is the only place outside of Redmond where all the divisions of Microsoft are represented.  This allows IT pros to easily work on different projects whether they’re in Skype, Xbox, or Server and Tools. Employees are encouraged to change divisions. Not only do they become more knowledgeable, but the boredom factor is mitigated.

Here at CBSInteractive, we do an annual Hack Day. This is a company-sanctioned contest for teams of one to six people each. The teams have 24 hours to create an app which is then judged based on five categories: creativity, completeness, potential reach, usefulness and unexpectedness.  The winning teams get rewarded with major swag.

Does your company do anything creative to keep its IT pros motivated?