Crying, mooning and leaving

In this week's roundup we see that continuous whining can get results, Linux users get 64-bit Flash and Moonlight previews, the latest in the Yahoo/Microsoft relationship and Senator Conroy ducks and weave in Senate Question Time.

Who said that continuous whining over the one issue could not get results? This week Adobe gave Linux users the first preview of a 64-bit version of Flash as they were the most vocal.
Adobe said in a statement: "We are committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future releases.... Windows, Macintosh and Linux players are expected to ship simultaneously moving forward."
Linux users will be a step closer to viewing all rich content on the Internet shortly with Silverlight analogue, Moonlight, to hit beta shortly.  
Yahoo is now without a CEO as Jerry Yang announced that he would be stepping down from the role. Yang's decision led to rumour-mongering over whether Microsoft would now purchase Yahoo, but Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, gave a definitive no to the idea and Yahoo's shares plummeted as a result.
In blogs this week: Brendon Chase posed the question on whether Microsoft would make its development tools available for non-Windows platforms; Adobe admitted it had thought about making its own browser at one point; and Renai LeMay gave his view of the recent BarCamp event in Sydney.
From the audio and visual medium: Club Builder showed Senator Conroy trying his best to duck and weave in the Senate; and we featured an extended interview with Nicholas Negroponte conducted by US 60 Minutes.