CSS support in Opera 9.50 Beta 1

In our CSS compatibility tests article we didn't use a beta version of Opera. Now see the results for Opera 9.50 Beta 1.

In response to the comments to my article on CSS compatibility on different browsers, I’ve tested the code used on the latest version of Opera -- 9.50 Beta 1.

Pleasingly, all the examples have passed the test (see the screenshots below).



:enabled and :disabled

The :root pseudo-class worked correctly and the background colour of the document was set to blue.


The negation pseudo-class worked as well and the list items were displayed in italic.


So, there you have it. All the pseudo-classes I selected for testing worked smoothly in Opera 9.50 Beta 1. Thanks to all for your feedback. (And yes, even in png format)

-- Posted By Lana Kovacevic