When you view the properties for an entry from Exchange’s
Global Address List, you’re provided with a default set of fields on quite a
few tabs. Depending on your organization, you might want to display completely
different fields, or just move things around a bit to make it easier for your
users to get the information they need. Microsoft provides this ability through
the Exchange System Manager. All it takes is a little time, picking out the
right template and deciding what fields to add, move, or change.

From the Exchange System Manager, go to Recipients >
Details Template > English (or whatever language you speak). A list of
available templates appears on the right side of the window; these are the
templates available for your modification desires. Double-click the template
you want to change and choose the Templates tab. This displays a list of
fields, each containing six options, available on the form. The six options for
each of the fields are marked “X”, “Y”, “W”,
“H”, “Control” and “Value” and mean the

  • X: The
    X coordinate on the form at which the field will appear.
  • Y: The
    Y coordinate on the form at which the field will
  • W: The
    width of the field.
  • H: The
    height of the field.
  • Control:
    The type of field. Exchange provides eight different controls for you to
    choose from. (Label, Edit (and editable field), Page Break, Group Box,
    Check Box, List Box, Multi-Valued List Box, Multi-valued Drop Down)
  • Value:
    The name of the field.

Add a new item to the form by clicking the Add button. For
Edit fields, you can choose fields from Active Directory that you want to
appear on the form.

This is definitely not the same as editing a form with a
fancy GUI, but does get the job done. You can easily test your form changes by
clicking the Test button to the right. If you really mess up, click the Original
button to revert the form back to its original state.

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