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Increase your efficiency and productivity by customizing your Vista systemWindows Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system designed for the masses, so it makes sense that its user interface would incorporate lots of lowest-denominator thinking. The interface is easy for most people to use most of the time and skews toward accommodating neophytes and the newly digital. But there’s no need to settle for the out-of-the-box setup. In this chapter download from Microsoft Windows Vista Unleashed, learn how to customize the launching of programs and documents in Windows Vista to enable you to be up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

Customize Microsoft Windows VistaWindows Vista

Windows Vista provides many customization options that you can use to personalize your system. Some are practical (e.g. switching mouse buttons for left-handers or altering the resolution of your desktop), while others are purely personal (e.g. changing alert sounds or desktop colors). In this chapter download from Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Windows Vista, examine the most common customization changes in Windows Vista.