Customize workbook printing in Excel

If all of your Excel spreadsheets need to contain a certain header and must print in a specific view, then you'll relish this time-saving trick. Mary Ann Richardson explains how you can create a custom Excel template that will allow you to automatically set the header and printer settings.

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When you print a worksheet in Excel, do you find yourself adding the same header and footer and resetting the same print options every time? For example, suppose you require that all worksheets are printed with the company's custom header and set to print in landscape mode. Each time you create a workbook, you will need to change the default print settings, unless you create a custom template that will automatically give you the appropriate settings.

Here's how to create a custom template:

  1. Open a blank document. Select all sheets.
  2. Go to File | Page Setup.
  3. In the Orientation section, select Landscape, and then click OK.
  4. In the Header and Footer section, you can either select a header from the Header drop-down menu, or you can press the Custom Header button to create your header.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Go to File | Save As.
  7. Under File Name, enter a name for your template.
  8. Under Save As Type, select Template and click Save.

Now when you create a workbook based on your custom template, the header and print settings will automatically be set to your specifications.

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