Your organization’s IT infrastructure depends on many
service providers to meet the unique needs of your users. Unfortunately most
service providers exist outside the realm of your influence and control. To
further add to your list of concerns is the difficulty in keeping each
disparate IT network functioning at a level your users demand. Any disruption
in service has the potential for catastrophic business problems, which can often
include lost sales and user dissatisfaction.

To help allay some of the burden placed on IT professionals,
the service level agreement was created to help spell out the unique demands of
IT by service providers to their clients. Though the document has evolved
somewhat over the years to include other IT functions, its beginnings were
rooted in the delivery of circuit bandwidth and connectivity to network
services. TechProGuild recognizes the importance of the service level agreement
and has created a downloadable case document to spell out some of the important
features each should include. In addition, a Build Your Own version of a
service level agreement has been included with the download. Here’s the catch:
We created these documents as starting points to what a good service level
agreement document should resemble, but not as an all-encompassing solution.
Since this is just our Alpha version, we would like to tap TechProGuild members
for their input on other items that a comprehensive service level agreement should
contain. Please send your information to
and we will take the best responses to create the next version.